Westwood Petrol Ride On Lawn Mower Tractor

Westwood ride on lawn tractor, I ve had this a few years now and it has been invaluable to me, been used mainly to tow my 6x4 trailer round the yard with logs and anything else that needs moving, has a 12hp briggs and Stratton engine, does have a starter motor but battery has long been removed but starts on the rope very easy, 2 pulls when cold and 1 when warm, engine has plenty of power, even pulled my ford ranger about when it broke down.. Tyres all hold air and are in ok condition, I think it s cutting days are over but as a little yard tractor it s just the job, my business has grown and so I ve upgraded to a Kabuta diesel tractor so the westwood is surplus. Your welcome to view before bidding, any questions please feel free. Thanks for looking. 

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